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Maura, Founder and Designer
Lauren, Strung Out Supporter
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Strung Out Jewelry was started after exactly that… feeling hopelessly strung out. Following much research and lots of time creating designs, these two ladies learned about the benefits that certain stones, colors, symbols and combinations can provide.  
Through the use of these teachings, the two sisters ‘cured’ themselves of what was troubling them.  Their mission for Strung Out Jewelry is to help others suffering from what they call "the S.O. illness" and to help them look good while doing it!
Don’t believe in the Strung Out sickness? Think that colors are just colors and stones are just stones? We don’t judge! But admit it, our jewelry is still great and, health benefits or not, it has the style you've been looking for.
Maura is the reason this company exists.  While working in a large firm, Maura would come home after working 11+ hours feeling "strung out" and she felt that she needed a hobby to stay positive and reduce her stress.  She and Lauren always sat down and made jewelry for fun, and Maura often used it as a way to relax.  Maura quickly realized this could also become a fun business venture too! Maura is creative, driven and has a background in business and marketing, a great combination for this occupation.
Lauren  loves her sister and she loves Strung Out! When her sister, Maura, decided that she wanted to start Strung Out Jewelry, Lauren could not have been more excited. But because she is a full-time high school teacher, Lauren is not an employee of Strung Out, and her only "job" is to  lend support to her sister and attend a pop-up shop whenever possible.  Lauren's main job is keeping Maura sane, and she is pretty good at it!